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Bigsweeps Features has the most extensive list of advanced tools and features of any sweepstakes site. Listed below, these were designed by and for serious sweepers to increase their chances of winning by increasing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of entering sweepstakes and contests. Allied with these tools and features is a set of very powerful databases for both accuracy, completeness and your protection from spurious web sites.
  • No cheap, spammy or junky sweepstakes
  • Extensive how-to and support information
  • Friendly and helpful forums where politics is disallowed
  • Basic and advanced sweepstakes listings
  • Powerful search functions
  • The most complete prize classification anywhere
  • Extensive sorting and classification of listings
  • Ability to bookmark sweeps as favorites
  • Personal "My Sweeps" and "My Sweeps To Do" listings
  • Calendar of sweepstakes events
  • Ability to exclude sweepstakes not valid in your state
  • Ability to exclude certain catgegories of sweepstakes
  • Ability to add sweepstakes
  • Ability to post both public and private sweep notes
  • Ability to read and review public sweep notes
  • Listings show invividual and total ARV
  • Ability to hide sweeps you are done with (premium only)
  • Ability to read problem reports (premium only)
  • Weekly email listing of new sweeps by preferred prize categories (premium only)
  • Powerful grid functions for high-power entry (premium only)
  • Ability to export sweeps listings for printing or spreadsheet (premium only)
  • Ability to add sweeps under ARV minimum (premium only)
  • Forum functions with advanced edit capabilities (premium only)
  • Database of bad or spurious sites for screening
  • Database of all sweep sponsors for validity checking
  • Targeting function for improved efficiency