Purpose Of The Daily List
  • This grid list provides an alternative to the traditional Sweepstakes/Sweeps Listing. It should be considered as a precursor to rather than a replacement for MyList.
  • The purpose is to provide power (list) users with a fast way to assess and access sweeps by key dates and decide if they should be personal or favorites. For fast, multiple entries, use MyList.
How To Use The Daily List
  • Click on any column header to sort the entire list by that column.
  • Click on any row to get a traditional listing of that particular sweep.
  • Right-Click on any row to get to the menu functions.
  • Right-Click on a row and select Add To MySweeps to add that sweep to your personal sweeps list. Similarly, you can select Remove From MySweeps.
  • Clicking on the Notes column will list any/all public notes for the listed sweep.
Sweeps Added In The Last 7 Days

   Click on any graph bar to see list for that day.