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Best Sweepstakes: only lists the best sweepstakes and contests from the most reputable sites. We maintain a sponsor database of all the companies that have ever listed contests and sweepstakes with us. We do not list junk, blog or spamming web sites and maintain a database of "bad sites" that have caused issues with our users in the past.
Sweeptakes Tools: has a plethora of tools to maximize your chances of winning. These tools including search functions, a variety of sorting functions, personal sweepstakes listings, favorite sweepstakes listings, new sweepstakes listings, prize category selection, enter frequency selection, sweeps to be done listing, expiration and prize drawing calendars, advanced spreadsheet/grid applets and more.
Sweepstakes Features: Our sweepstakes listings have all the features you need for improving your chances to win while minimizing the time it takes to do so. These features include public and private sweep notes, the ability to hide sweeps you are finished with, the ability to identify favorite sweeps, the ability to report problems and see what problems others are reporting, the ability to exclude sweeps that are not valid in your state or Canada, the ability to see what states any sweep is valid in, the ability to see the valid age(s) for entering, a listing of all available prizes, the ability to see individual and total prize value when available and more.
Forums: Registered users can post messages to our forums. Unlike most others, our forums display posts in a hierarchical manner so that users can immediately see any/all responses to their posts. Our forums are family-friendly, carefully monitored and supportive to all.
Help and Support: has a variety of support functions. One is the online user guide, called Bigsweeps 101, which helps you to use some of the site's more advanced features. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) function. We also respond to email contacts, either for sweep problems or other issues. The site also provides a browser check function.
Communications: Registered users have the ability to communicate with us in a variety of ways regarding their ideas, desired features and functions, issues and, sometimes, need for assistance. We appreciate and value these communications without bothering users with needless or junk emails. Many of our advanced features are the direct result of user recommendations.
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